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Chan Seung Park

Associate Research Engineer

Chan Seung ParkChan Seung Park earned his B.S., M.S., and Ph.D. degrees in Chemistry from Seoul National University in Korea.Previously, he worked for the refinery in Korea to develop various renewable energy conversion processes such as steam reforming of natural gas, energy storage device and Selectively Catalytic Reduction (SCR) process. He was a Principal Research Scientist for SK Corporation's Research Laboratory in the Taedok Institute of Technology in Korea. 

Dr. Park has designed and developed electronic control systems for real-time soot measurement in diesel particulate traps. Also he has researched zinc-bromine and sodium sulfur battery technologies, amorphous silicon solar cell manufacturing, and fuel reformer technologies for industry in Korea.
Since joining CE-CERT in June 1998, he has been involved in the development and application of technologies for detecting and analyzing the composition of fuels and emissions. Other projects include the development of electronic controls for on-road, real-time measurement of emissions from heavy-duty trucks and for extremely low emission passenger cars.

Current projects include the Alternative Fuels and Renewable Energy Research Program at CE-CERT.  Dr. Park has established a Gasification Research Laboratory at CE-CERT to investigate the steam pyrolysis and hydro-gasification of candidate carbonaceous waste materials. He is also the principal technical contributor to the UC intellectual property associated with the Steam Hydrogasification Reaction process.

His other research interests include real-time monitoring of chemical species involved in high-temperature and high-pressure reaction with Residual Gas Analyzer, and developing the hydrogen gas sensor for the chemical process.



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