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Community Engagement Opportunities

CE-CERT’s mission is to educate future generations of engineers, scientist and policy makers, and to conduct research in the areas of air quality, energy and transportation.

CE-CERT’s designed opportunities that will result in positive exposure for your group, excite young students to pursue careers in engineering and environmental sustainability, and improve their presentation skills, policy awareness, and critical thinking of students.

General Community Engagement Opportunities - University of California, Riverside serves the public through providing education, conducting research and informing the nation and world on economic, social, cultural, and environmental issues. CE-CERT understands that public knowledge is crucial to addressing some of the major issues that our nation faces. Some of the events we hold to help inform the public include:

Annual STEP Conference: 300 high school students get an afternoon of hands-on experience in the laboratory.   
STEM Exploration Day at UCR: Outreach event to promote science and mathematics to first generation college students.
Annual Earth Day: UCR campus wide effort to promote and educate sustainability. 
Inspire Her Mind: Sophomore RUSD female students learn the ways math and science impact the world around them.
STEP Teacher Conference: STEM K-12 teachers learn how to engage their students with real-world and practical demonstrations.


STEM Focused Engagement - CE-CERT has had several ongoing successful programs designed to engage, excite and demonstrate the interdisciplinary nature of STEM education for grades 9-12 as it applies to engineering.


Annual STEP Conference 

CE-CERT co-hosts an annual Science Technology Education Program (STEP) Conference with Bourns, Inc. to educate students about the importance of science and math.  A dozen high school classes visit CE-CERT graduate students in their laboratories to learn about various environmental topics such as: how intelligent transportation technologies work, how to make solar panels, making alternative fuels from waste, and how air pollution is formed and how it affects climate change. 


STEM Exploration Day at Bourns College of Engineering, UCR event

This UCR outreach event promotes science and mathematics to first generation college students. First generation students have unique challenges: they may experience discrimination, no financial support, language issues and poor academic preparation in their K-12 education. This project helps the students continue to be the pioneers in their families and their communities with promoting self-discovery and providing inspiration in their studies. 

Inspire Her Mind

CE-CERT is part of the Inspire Her Mind program. 60 sophomore RUSD female students visit to gain inspiration about learning the unique ways that science contributes to the world and see first-hand the ways that math and science impact the world around them. The event also included a chance for girls to learn about the unique ways that science contributes to the world and see first-hand the ways that math and science impact the world around them – like how a green screen works in film. They also heard from a panel of women in science who encouraged them to try out these fields for themselves. 

If you are interested in partnering with CE-CERT on your STEM or professional related opportunities please contact, Kathy Vang,, Marketing and Outreach Specialist. CE-CERT will be happy to assist in developing a program to fit your needs.

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