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7th PEMS Conference 

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Awakening Tomorrow's PEMS challenges


This year we are pleased to announce the call for papers for the associated STOTEN Special Issue on in-use testing (click link for details). *Deadline extended to May 1st 

Keynote Speaker: Professor Zissis Samaras 
Aristotle University, Thessaloniki, Greece
Title: Assessing Real-Driving Emissions in Europe: An Update - Focus on PN Emissions 

As vehicle technologies advance with expansion of gasoline direct injection vehicles and advanced aftertreatment systems for heavy-duty vehicles, there is a continuing need for real world emission measurements. Some of the increased real world testing was certainly spurred on by the Volkswagen scandal, but even before that event regulators across the globe had already decided that more real world testing was needed to verify to certification values. Furthermore, Portable Emissions Measurement Systems (PEMS) technology enabled them to request more real-world measurements. As a consequence, the United States implemented in-use testing requirements for heavy-duty truck engines and Europe implemented real-world driving emissions (RDE) regulatory requirements. Now regulators are searching for information on the failure and deterioration rates of the new emission systems used in the real world, so monitoring programs are becoming more widely implemented internationally. Adding the likelihood of expanded Inspection and Maintenance programs for heavy-duty vehicles in the United States and a growing global emphasis on the real world emissions, the need for advanced PEMS will likely grow. Both conventional and emerging PEMS units will be discussed at the workshop.

Join us for in-depth discussions with the best minds from industry, government, and researchers on discussing PEMS and related topics. Discussion topics will include: How will the regulatory environment evolve internationally to address real-world and off-cycle emissions? How might this differ for light-duty and heavy-duty vehicle technologies? What are the most recent developments in PEMS technology for the measurements of gas-phase and particle mass and number emissions? How might the development of low cost or micro PEMS/sensors or remote sensing techniques provide for greater opportunities for monitoring the in-use fleet? As the level of data for PEMS and activity measurements continues to expand, how can this data be managed to provide greater access to a wider range of stakeholders? 

The workshop will offer ample networking opportunity to exchange ideas and form partnerships with people from around the world, develop and describe new proposed projects for PEMS, and gain hands on experience with the manufactures of new tools and how to use them.

Those who should attend are:

  • Regulators\Agencies\Port Authorities
  • Manufacturers of Engines & Vehicles
  • Manufacturers of PEMS
  • Consultants and Scientists
  • In-use Test Engineers
  • Modeling Researchers

We look forward to your participation at the 7th International PEMS workshop and help in shaping the future of emissions measurement.


Kent Johnson, PEMS Coordinator


If you are interested in sponsoring, please email Kathy Vang, 

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